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Las Vegas Water Heater Repair Installation and Replacement

Turning on the shower and discovering you’ll be bathing in ice cubes rather than in hot water is never pleasant.

This is why we offer water heater repair, replacement, and installation services in Las Vegas. We’ll quickly find the cause of the issue and ensure the restoration of the hot water supply as soon as possible!

The breakdown of household appliances causes a lot of inconveniences. If you are looking for a water heater pros Las Vegas, pay attention to the prices in our price list.

Allstate Service Group is the best choice for all residential plumbing and commercial plumbing services in Las Vegas and surrounding communities. Our service vehicles are fully stocked, equipped with all tools, and ready to address all your plumbing needs. We are always ready to help.

Excellent knowledge of the design of various models of water heaters allows us to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot malfunctions. Your water heaters will completely restore the lost functions. As we guarantee the quality of water heater repair, replacement, and installation services!

We can easily handle preventive maintenance (descaling the boiler), as well as replace defective parts. In electrical models, heating elements, thermostats, and an electronic control board often break down. In gas, breakdowns of ignition systems, temperature sensors, wear of the water membrane, and filters are possible.

If it is time to perform maintenance or water heater repair in Las Vegas, do not put off that task for long. Prices for our services are quite affordable. When performing repair work, only high-quality new spare parts are used that fully meet the manufacturer’s requirements.

We will also provide a guarantee for all tankless water heater repair, installation, and replacement services in Las Vegas.

Is Water Heater Repairing Always Possible?

In many cases, yes!  We can do a water heater repair installation or replacement on the same day as the diagnostic.

All water heaters can fail. The reasons are different: all parts can be worn out and can simply break. And some deteriorate due to improper use. The heating element can suddenly burn out if the device is turned on, but not filled with water. Many manufacturers make design solutions with the help of which such a breakdown should not happen. The service life of the water heater is influenced by some weighty factors, such as the quality of the heated water, the intensity of use, the maximum temperature level of heating the water.


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When you realize that something is wrong with your water heater, you can contact the water heater installation repair and replacement experts at Allstate Service Group in Las Vegas.

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How to Know Your Hot Water Heater is Going Out?

The causes of water heater malfunctions are various. To understand why heaters fail, you need to understand the principle of their operation and the purpose of the main elements. Regardless of what type of water heater you have – their design is similar. Only the brand, design, and capacity of the tank differ. There is no one cause of a breakdown of a water heater.

Signs It’s Time For Water Heater Replacement or Repair

  • You have varying water temperature issues
  • If your water heater is old
  • Water discoloration
  • Your hot water runs out too fast
  • Long-term neglect of service
  • Leaking tank
  • Broken pilot light
  • A cracked or corroded storage tank
  • Incorrect installation or connection of the device
  • Scale and corrosion on parts

How to understand that the scale has completely covered the heating element? Since it precipitates, you can hear a rumble during the intake of water. The smell of sulfur is felt.

  • Untimely repairs
  • No water heating or you don’t have enough hot water
  • You have a leaking water heater
  • You notice reduced water flow
  • The water temperature exceeds the norm

If the water is too hot, the problem is in the thermostat. An additional sign of a breakdown is the lack of heating when the thermostat does not turn on the heating element.

To find out the cause and pinpoint the exact location of the problem, parts must be diagnosed.

If your water heater has reached the end of its life or you want to upgrade, our contractors will provide you with water heater repairing, installations and replacement options in Las Vegas.

How Much Does Water Heater Repair Cost?

The average cost of repairing a water heater in Las Vegas is $579. Repairs typically cost between $218 and $941, but homeowners can spend as little as $100 and as much as $1,300.

The average cost of a thermostat replacement is between $100 and $300. Most other repairs are affordable as well.

Gas and electricity are the two most common types of water heaters. The life cycles and maintenance costs of the two forms are similar. A gas unit would be more expensive to install and replace, but it will consume less energy over time than an electric unit.

Plumbers charge between $45 and $150 per hour, and the most common gas unit problems cost between $150 and $500 to repair.

The cost of repairing your heating elements is usually between $200 and $300. The cost of hiring a specialist to remove and replace a thermostat ranges from $150 to $200. The parts will cost up to $20 on their own.

  • Tripped breaker or blown fuse (electric): $20 perfuse.
  • Thermostat replacement: $50-$100 per hour of labor.
  • Pilot light out (gas): $45-$150 per hour for repairs.
  • Leaking: up to $1,000 for fixes.

Proper water heater maintenance, especially when it’s a new one is critical to extending its existence. To avoid accidental breakdowns, water heaters should be flushed properly, have an anode rod inspection, and a visual inspection of all other components conducted annually. We provide maintenance services to check for corrosion and ensure that your water heater is operating properly.

If your water heater needs a simple repair or a complete installation and replacement, the professionals at Allstate Service Group work quickly and efficiently to save you time and money.

We provide emergency plumbing services, quick response times, and water heater repair options when required, in addition to high-quality work.