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Las Vegas Heater Replacement, Installation and Repair

What Causes Heater Problems

Heater’s longevity depends on several factors – frequency of use, timeliness of maintenance, and quality of water supply (softened or untreated hard water). Tankless heaters are very good option for energy savings, require less maintenance and last longer compared to conventional heaters.

Several factors can affect heater performance. Here are more common problems.

  • Leaking tank
    Water may be leaking out of tank. While this will not affect water temperature, this is a serious problem that affects system efficiency. Leakage may be caused by cracks in the tank (which will require a whole unit replacement) or a poorly-fitted part that can be repaired.
  • Broken pilot light
    For gas heater, lack of hot water may signal that pilot light is out.
  • Faulty thermostat
    For electric heaters, if broken, thermostat will limit hot water supply.

If you have a newer heater, repair or replacement of individual parts may be all that’s needed to get it back to work. However, if the heater is over 12-15 years old and requires frequent repairs, these continuous repairs are not a viable solution.

For equipment efficiency in the long run, it may be economically well justified to replace the heater all together. A cracked or corroded storage tank is also a sign to replace the entire unit.

Here are additional common issues with heaters:

  • Not enough supply of hot water
  • The pilot light turns off
  • Water is too hot or too cold
  • Water takes too long to reheat
  • Water is rusty or has an unusual odor
  • Water leaks from valve, tank, or connections

If you encounter any of these issues with your heater, then call us today to have your heater inspected on whether the issue can be fixed through repair or heater replacement. There are situations when heater replacement is the most reasonable and cost-effective solution.

New heaters also offer increased energy efficiency. If you are having heater issues, call us today at (702) 518-4720 to schedule appointment for heater replacement service.


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Allstate Service Group offers fast heater repair or replacement services to homeowners and businesses in Las Vegas | Henderson | North Las Vegas | Clark County | Boulder City | Spring Valley | Enterprise | Nellis AFB | Summerlin | Pahrump.

Conventional and Tankless Heaters

For your informed decision, let’s look at important factors to consider for tankless heaters (heats water on demand) and conventional heaters (uses gas flame or electric heating to heat water).

Conventional Heaters

  • Gas heaters are typically more affordable over electric heaters
  • Easy replacement for existing conventional heater
  • Handles large amount of water
  • When power is off, there is reserve of hot water for some period of time
  • Generally more affordable than tankless heaters

Tankless Heaters

  • Instant and limitless supply of hot water
  • More energy efficient compared to conventional heater
  • Requires less space

Heater Replacement in Las Vegas

Allstate Services Group is a full-service heater repair, replacement, and installation company. We offer heater replacement services for residential and commercial customers – gas and electric heaters, conventional and tankless heaters.

Our professional technicians will look into water flex lines, gas flex lines, temperature relief lines, drip pans, thermal expansion bottles, gas valves, ball vales, bonding water and gas piping and any other heater components.

Heaters come in various sizes, in gas or electric supply as well as conventional and tankless heater options. We will help determine your needs and recommend optimal solution for your household or business.

Working with us means heater services you never have to question. Our customers enjoy highly professional heater replacement, installation, repair, and maintenance services on residential and commercial heaters.

At Allstate Service Group you get the best price and your project is done fast, guaranteed. Give us a call at (702) 518-4720 to schedule service or heater replacement in Las Vegas.