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Septic and Sewer Services in Las Vegas

Allstate Service Group knows how to deal with unexpected septic tank backup. Our experienced teams will handle your septic system issues quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable cost.

Our qualified technicians will handle any job to ensure your septic system is safe, clean, and fully operational. Call us at (702) 518-4720 or use our contact form to resolve all your septic system or sewer issues.

Septic system’s purpose is to treat wastewater from home or business. Septic system typically has a tank for retaining solid waste and a drain field for water percolation. A septic tank provides an area for the wastewater to separate.

A septic tank holds solid waste until it is pumped out or liquefied. A leach field also called a leech drain or onsite sewage disposal system is a network of troughs with perforated pipes and buried holes surrounded by gravel. Along with the septic tank and associated piping, a leach field makes up a septic system.

How Septic Systems Work

Leach field eliminates toxins and impurities from the liquid that flows out of the septic tank and allows waste to be absorbed by soil. This is done for the disposal of organic materials that break down by the microbial ecosystem.

Most septic tanks are designed to last for up to 50 years. However, if not properly maintained, lifespan of your tank may shorten. The best way to avoid septic tank emergencies and promote efficiency is to have it pumped and cleaned on a regular basis.

Frequency septic tank pumping depends on the tank size, number of users, soil condition in the leach field, and chemicals introduced into the system. For example, non-biodegradable objects flushed in the toilet may cause serious problems for the septic tank and leach field. It will stay in the septic system until pumped out.

Since the solid objects do not dissolve, the septic tank can overflow and force waste into the yard and the house. Regular maintenance will remove non-biodegradable objects and other harmful substances, prevent septic tanks from going over-capacity, and causing a hazard.


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Our qualified technicians have the expertise to handle septic pumping and tank repair services in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Clark County, Boulder City, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Nellis AFB, Summerlin, Pahrump.

Las Vegas Septic and Sewer Services

Septic and sewer services in Las Vegas and surrounding communities include:

  • Leach system inspection and cleaning
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Sewer pumping
  • Septic tank treatments
  • Sewer treatments
  • Septic system cleaning and inspection
  • Septic system repairs
  • Septic tank locating
  • Septic tank riser lid installation
  • Grease trap interceptor pumping

Good Practices for Septic Pumping Systems

  • For efficient work of the septic system, one good advice is to not plant large trees or plants near the drain field. Roots are a leading cause of premature failure of drain fields.
  • It is also important not to flush paper towels, newspapers, wrapping paper, industrial chemicals, or similar non-solvable materials.
  • Try to space out laundry machine usage. Excessive laundry water discharge causes turbulence in the septic tank and more solids may flow to the drain field.

We have expertise and equipment to inspect your system and implement necessary repairs or replacements. Whether it is removing faulty piping or replacing your septic tank.

Septic and Sewer Services in Las Vegas

Septic Pumping System Maintenance

Septic systems last longer if they are pumped regularly. Bacteria convert most of the solids to liquids, but some solids remain. If the solids fill the tank, the field lines will clog, and the system needs to be rehauled.

Regular maintenance prevents slow draining, clogging, and sewage backup. Inspections and pumping are the best and most affordable way to keep your septic system in good working order.

Septic System Maintenance

Periodic pumping of the septic tank will prevent buildup. Septic system is usually inspected at least once every 3 years. We also recommend septic tank pumping every 3-5 years.

Here are some warning signs that require immediate attention:

  • Bubbling sounds in plumbing
  • Sluggish toilet flushing
  • Plumbing backups
  • Grass in the yard growing faster or greener in a particular area
  • Unpleasant odors inside or outside

Over time, organic matter such as hair, sludge, grease, tree roots, and debris accumulate on inside walls of drainpipes, causing slow drainage or complete blockage.

At Allstate Service Group, our professionals are available to safely remove clogs, clean and scour your pipes, and restore septic systems to proper working condition. We will tackle any septic sewer and drain cleaning.

Our professional technicians will measure the sludge and scum that has built up in your septic tank to determine whether the tank needs pumping. We will use non-invasive equipment to locate your tank.

Septic tank cleaning is a necessary part of regular maintenance. Our qualified technicians are septic system experts, having many years of experience with septic tanks in the Las Vegas area. Call us today at (702) 518-4720 for septic and sewer services tailored to your unique needs. Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than repairs.