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Air Purifier Installation in Las Vegas

There are two main types of air cleaners:

  • Mechanical air cleaner – a standard filter traps larger practices such as pollen and dust so that the air going through your home is clean.
  • Electronic air cleaner – creates electrostatic magnetism to trap very small particles, not usually captured by the standard filter.

An electronic air cleaner does not require as much maintenance as a mechanical cleaner, but it does use extra electricity. Depending on your home and lifestyle, our experienced technicians will advise which solution is best for your needs and budget.

Call us at (702) 518-4720 for air filtration systems, air purifier systems, UV light purification, mechanical air cleaners, electronic air cleaners, and air filtration services. We will recommend an air cleaning system that suits your lifestyle, home and meets your budget.

Las Vegas Air Cleaner Installation

When planning for the new HVAC system, you need to think beyond hot and cold or warm and cool. You need to think about clean air for your Las Vegas home.

Excessive dust in our Las Vegas homes may trigger allergies, asthma, or other health issues. Air filtration and air purification systems are the best solutions for indoor air quality and your comfort.

State-of-the-art comprehensive and smart air quality systems cover all aspects of heating, cooling, comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Air cleaner and air purifier installations provide solutions for dust, mold, dry or pollen air.

Air cleaning systems trap airborne pollen, mold, and spore-sized particles, eliminate airborne bacteria-sized particles and remove airborne virus-sized particles. Air filters and air purifiers protect your home from harmful pollutants, allergens, and flu particles – removing 99% of germs and nearly 100% of allergens.


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Allstate Service Group offers air cleaner and air purifier installation services to residents and businesses in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County, Boulder City, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Nellis AFB, Summerlin, Pahrump communities.

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Improving Indoor Air Quality

We bring air cleaner installation to your home and protect your household from harmful pollutants and airborne particles. Our qualified technicians will deliver the best customer experience for reliable heating, air conditioning systems, and air filtration services.

Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lights are an additional way to improve indoor air quality. UV germicidal lights are installed in ducts and they kill germs, viruses, and bacteria traveling through the ventilation system. Indoor air quality is improved significantly when an air filtration system is used alongside UV germicidal lights.

Air purifiers do much more for the air in your Las Vegas home than air filters. Instead of merely trapping large airborne particles in a filter, the UV air purifier system provides comprehensive air purification through two technologies: UV lamps that destroy airborne contaminants, and ozone lamps that neutralize unpleasant household odors.

Call us at (702) 518-4720 to learn about the combined use of air filtration systems and UV germicidal lights.

Minimum Efficient Reporting Value (MERV) – Key to Understanding Your Air Filter

Every forced-air HVAC system comes with an air filter, but this is a standard air filter. To truly clean your air via a filter, you need to have an air filter installed with the right MERV rating for your needs. MERV is a 1-20 scale showing the effectiveness of a certain kind of filter.

For homes, a good MERV rating range is anywhere in the range of 5-12, depending on your specific needs. Going higher than 12 can restrict the airflow in your system. Our qualified technicians will help decide the best MERV rating for your home and your needs.

Benefits of Air Purifier Installation in Las Vegas

Indoor air quality has become a real concern for many homeowners. Today, homes are built tighter, trapping a variety of indoor pollutants inside your home. Indoor air can contain more contaminants than the air outside.

Continuous exposure to polluted indoor air may lead to health problems, such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, breathing problems, and other health issues.

Indoor air quality is also affected by high humidity – leading to mold growth and use of household cleaning products – which exert harmful volatile organic compounds into the air.

Our experienced general contractors in Las Vegas do air purifier installations that remove household dust, dirt, pet dander, airborne allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and odors.

In addition to air purifiers, indoor air quality is improved by air filters, humidifiers, air cleaners, air filtration systems, and ultra-violet lights. We offer state-of-the-art systems that trap and kill bacteria in the conditioned air.

Air purifier installation provides a comprehensive solution for increased indoor air quality – by cleaning and freshening the air throughout your home.

Air Purifiers and Air Filters in Las Vegas

The best way to combat issues with poor air quality is to have an expert install an air filter or air purifier in your home. What is the difference between air purifiers and air filters? Which one is best suited for my home?

There are some differences between air purifiers and air filters, and our qualified experts will help you determine which indoor air quality system best suits your needs.

Call (702) 518-4720 and our technicians will examine your needs for an air cleaner, and help you choose the best indoor air quality system for your home.