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Duct Sealing and Repair In Las Vegas

After seeing thousands of homes, we’ve seen just about every type of ductwork problem. From poorly designed ductwork, to severely damaged and leaky air ducts, many issues require duct sealing or duct repair services.

Ducts are responsible for moving conditioned air from the heater or air conditioner and distributing it to the rooms throughout the house. Ductwork also keeps the air fresh by protecting it from outside contamination and it maintains energy efficiency by restricting heat loss and heat gain.

Ductwork must have a strong air seal throughout the ventilation system. Gaps, cracks, or holes severely weaken the HVAC system and trigger other problems. Air conditioning ducts are the lungs of your home or commercial space. The air always moves in ducts – whether it is to heat, to cool or it is simply the natural movement of air when the AC system is off.

The same air circulates over and over and when dust or allergens build up in the ductwork, that can cause problems. That’s why ducts need regular cleaning, sealing, and maintenance. In a typical house, about 25% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. Faulty ductwork results in air loss, higher utility bills, and difficulty keeping the house comfortable.

When a ductwork system’s integrity starts to fail, it requires the services of professionals to perform an air leak test. With air duct sealing from Allstate Service Group, you can recover the air loss and make your ductwork system fully functional again. Let our qualified technicians get your ductwork back on track with professional duct sealing services for Las Vegas home.

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How Ductworks Work

Ducts are a critical part of your heating and cooling delivery system and should be well-considered during construction. We see many systems with 90% efficient furnaces and 50% efficient duct systems. There are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to know for proper work of the duct system

Duct Sizing

Heat loss calculation determines proper duct size of the entire house and individually for “problem areas”. Problem areas include rooms over garages, knee wall rooms, rooms with high ceilings, rooms built over vented crawlspace, or any room configuration that have high exposure to elements. It is a good idea to slightly oversize ducts for problem areas.

Duct Location

As much as possible, ductwork must be inside! It is best to keep ducts out of the attic, but if a short attic run is essential, this run should be low on attic floor, with proper insulation over the duct after sealing all joints and seams with high-quality sealant.

In situations where ductwork must be located in an exterior cavity such as garage ceiling or exterior wall, it is best to have rectangular or oval duct to make physical contact with the interior, heated surface. This way maximum amount of insulation is installed on cold side of duct keeping it as warm as possible, like for water pipes to prevent freezing.

Causes of Faulty Ductwork

There may be many causes for leaky or cracked air ducts. Most common cause is exposure to regular temperature extremes. Air ducts are concealed within walls and tucked into other inaccessible spaces within your home. Ducts are usually not covered with insulation or protected by other barriers that shield most of your house from outside elements.

The older ductwork gets, the more likely it is to suffer fissures, leaks and small cracks. Duct leakage can be responsible for up to 30% of air lost in your ducts. Duct leakage is a significant drain on your expenses and causes uneven heating and cooling throughout your home.

Duct Sealing and Repair Las Vegas

Signs of Needing Air Leak Test

Damaged ductwork can be difficult to detect. Most of the ductwork is in fact hidden behind walls, under floors or in attic crawl spaces. There is no practical way to visually inspect entire duct network to identify tears, corrosion or other problems with the system.

There are, however, a few technical indicators that can alert about damaged air ducts:

  • Fallen duct insulation
  • Furniture blocking register
  • Furnace and filter slot duct failure
  • Kinks in ductwork restrict airflow
  • Leaky duct connection
  • Supply leaks
  • Return leaks

In addition, there are also some non-technical signs that will help you determine the need for air leak test. When your home seems particularly dusty, smells musty, or has unusually high energy bills, it is good time to undergo air leak test, clean the air ducts and seal off any leaks or openings in them.

Do any of these seem familiar?

  • Allergies
  • Airborne pollutants
  • Cold symptoms
  • Flu symptoms
  • Dust coming from vents
  • Headaches
  • Itchy eyes
  • High humidity
  • High energy bills
  • Mold
  • Musty smell
  • Rashes
  • Respiratory problems
  • Sore throat
  • Stuffy rooms
  • Temperature and air flow variations

Our state-of-the art equipment will detect even the smallest cracks. Call us (702) 518-4720 for a professional air leak test.

Our Las Vegas duct sealing experts will eliminate duct leakage, high energy bills and exposure to contaminated air. If air leak test identifies faulty ductwork, duct sealing is a very wise investment in your AC system’s longevity.

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

There are many benefits of air duct sealing. Most important is that your family will be breathing healthier air. Another benefit is that your energy bill will be reduced

Here are reasons to seal ductwork when it is faulty:

  • Equipment longevity – when AC system works in a strained manner for a long period of time, AC unit suffers from excessive wear and tear, increase chances for breakdown and malfunction.
  • Even heating and cooling – when the air coming from AC system flows without leaking, you will feel more even distribution of cooled or heated air throughout your home.
  • Improved air quality – air escapes from faulty ductwork, outside pollution, odors, moisture and contaminants get in, significantly decreasing your home’s indoor air quality and protecting you from toxic airborne particles.
  • Increased energy efficiency – significant air loss puts stress on AC system by forcing it to compensate for the air loss while fighting to achieve temperature set on thermostat. Sealed ductwork means more heated and cooled air getting into your rooms and reduces energy use.
  • Odor elimination – when cracks in duct system are near any of plumbing vents or garage, they will pull in those unwelcome odors.

By eliminating leaks and maintaining ducts will make your ductwork and equipment last longer. This can save you time and money in the future. You want to ensure that your family is breathing in safe, clean air.

You can trust duct sealing to our qualified experts. Don’t keep losing your cooled or warmed air to faulty ductwork. Call us today at (702) 518-4720 and let our experts get your ductwork in the best shape possible with duct sealing!

Duct Sealing Process

Well-designed and properly sealed duct system make your home comfortable, energy efficient, and safer.

Ductwork that has been properly installed and tightly sealed will increase efficiency of your heating and cooling system and improve the air quality. Professional air duct sealing gets highest level of performance from your HVAC system.

Our team of qualified technicians will perform ductwork inspections and duct sealing that will make living in Las Vegas more comfortable.

We deliver expert service with metal fabrication and custom design sheeting solutions that are innovative and affordable. With our custom ductwork, you get the most comfortable and efficient heating and air conditioning possible.

Our comprehensive ductwork services include:

  • Custom design, fabrication and installation
    equipment pads
  • Custom-made drain pans
  • Dust collection system
  • Equipment rails
  • Roof curbs
  • New construction designs

Duct system is nearly half of your HVAC system. It might not develop problems often, but when it does, you’ll need qualified experts for full range of duct services.

Whether it is to improve air quality or to boost your AC unit’s efficiency, you can count on Allstate Service Group to undertake everything from air leak test, air duct cleaning, duct sealing or duct repair.