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Heat Pump Repair & Service in Las Vegas

There are several options available for heating your home. Heat pump system is gaining popularity in recent years because of the efficiency and savings they offer.

Heat pumps make a lot of sense for Las Vegas climate, where summers are hot and winters are mild. Heat pumps combine features of heater and air conditioner into one – saving both space and a good deal of money.

Allstate Service Group is your go-to place for heat pump installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance services. Our experienced technicians are always ready to handle your tasks. Give us a call today at (702) 518-4720 to schedule an appointment! Our experienced technicians will help with all heat pump needs.

How Heat Pumps Work

In essence, heat pump is a dual-purpose air conditioner as it moves heat energy from one location to another, using a reverse refrigeration cycle. In mild climates a heat pump can be used to air condition building during hot weather, and to warm building using heat extracted from outdoor air in cold weather.

During the cooling season, heat pump uses refrigerant chemicals to transfer heat from your home to outside air, just like a standard split-system air conditioner. During the heating season, that cycle runs in reverse, with the refrigerant chemicals absorbing heat from the outdoor air and pumping it inside to heat your home.

Since a heat pump works by transferring heat between indoors and outdoors, there are two main types of pumps that can work.

  • Air-source moves warm air over refrigerant containers to lower temperatures.
  • Ground-source pumps warm air below surface soil to cool the airflow.

Depending on whether you want the pump to heat or cool, heat pump can reverse the flow of its refrigerant with a reversal valve. Even at very low temperatures heat pump can “pump heat” out of the air. It uses refrigerant cycle to transfer energy. When a liquid turns into a gas (boils) it absorbs heat. When gas turns into a liquid (condenses) it releases heat. Heat pumps work by forcing refrigerant to evaporate and condense.

Heat pump system has the following main components:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Coils allow evaporation or condensation and transfers heat or cooling to the air.
  • Compressor condenses refrigerant into liquid using high pressure and heat is released.
  • Expansion Valve lowers pressure of liquid refrigerant which changes its boiling point and heat is absorbed.
  • Reversing Valve changes coolant’s direction through compressor and expansion valve.


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Benefits of Heat Pumps

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Heat pump is eco-friendly and runs clean. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels, emit gases or fumes. Heat pumps operate on electricity, making it a cleaner source of energy. Heat pump creates up to 3 times more energy than it uses.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Homeowners opt to use heat pumps to save money and become more efficient. Since heat pumps do not use gas or electricity to heat the air, heating costs are significantly lower. Rather than consuming fuel to heat or cool your home, heat pumps transfer existing heat in or out of your home. Thanks to special innovative engineering, only a small amount of electricity is needed making heat pumps efficient and affordable, significantly saving on utility bills.
  • Two-in-one design
    Heat pump provides both heating and cooling for your home, making it convenient and cost-effective. With the two-in-one design, there are no additional elements or components to install, combining both heating and cooling in one fairly compact package. There is no need for separate central air conditioner and boiler or furnace– a significant advantage for smaller homes.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    Since heat pumps do not use fuel, they have fewer working components, making repairs easier to spot and fix. This translates to less maintenance and less need for repair and saves money.
  • Safety
    Heat pumps are safer than conventional forced-air systems. Heat pumps run on electricity, so there is no risk for carbon monoxide poisoning or gas explosion.

How Heat Pumps Are Different

While very similar to air conditioners, heat pumps are more complex. Central air unit uses energy to condense the air and create cool air. Heat pump is environmentally friendly because it uses ground temperature or outside air to create change, thus using less energy.

Heat pump system is gaining popularity in Las Vegas area. Instead of creating their own heat like conventional HVAC systems, heat pumps use the energy that is already available.
When inside temperature is too cool, heat pump will extract heat from outdoors and transfer it indoors. In similar fashion, when inside temperature is hot, heat pump will extract heat from indoors and transfer it outside, leaving indoors nice and cool.

Heat transfer is performed through coils, which extract energy from the air, water, or ground. Unlike conventional systems, heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuel. This makes it very environmentally friendly and extremely energy-efficient. Heat pumps are as energy efficient as a natural gas furnace. When correctly serviced and maintained, heat pump is a great choice.

For economy, heat pumps systems are designed for average low winter temperatures and use supplemental heating for extreme low temperature conditions. Advantage of heat pump is that it reduces purchased energy required for building heating.

Assessing Need for Heat Pump

Not every home or every situation is right for a heat pump. If you already have a natural gas furnace, it’s probably better to stick with using the furnace and an air conditioner. Investing in a heat pump just to work in cooling mode is not cost-efficient. Unless you are planning to replace your entire HVAC system, it will be more affordable to add an AC.

Heat pumps work well in Las Vegas climate. If you are contemplating whether heat pump will provide the right comfort for your home, schedule an assessment visit by calling (702) 518-4720 and we will walk you through the entire process. Installing new heating system is already a huge decision, and we will help you choose the best one to suit your budget and your needs.

We will provide a cost estimate and all other information to make the best possible choice from both financial and efficiency perspective.

Knowledgeable and experienced heat pump technicians at Allstate Service Group will:

  • Install split-system heat pumps
  • Install ductless mini split heat pumps
  • Replace existing heat pump systems

Las Vegas Heat Pump Installation, Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

Heat pump system is a considerable investment, and you need someone to take care of it for a good long time. You can be sure you get the most return on your investment, and your system will always be up and running regardless of the weather.

Allstate Service Group offers full range of heat pump services, designed not only to install a new system, but keep it maintained and repaired, then replaced with the latest model when it finally runs down. With help from our experienced technicians, you can make the most out of your investment, ensuring reliable heating and cooling power for many years to come!

If you’re thinking about of retrofitting your home with a heat pump or your current heat pump needs service or regular maintenance, give our knowledgeable and experienced technicians a call at (702) 518-4720 for professional heat pump repair, maintenance, replacement and installation services.