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Home Zoning and Air Balancing in Las Vegas

Any home that uses forced-air HVAC equipment may need air balancing to improve comfort throughout the house. Air balancing refers to equalizing air delivery to each room based on its overall requirements for conditioned air.

In the Las Vegas area, home zoning and air balancing systems are a blessing during summer. If your home has two or more stories but just one air conditioner connected to one downstairs thermostat, your upper floors can get much hotter than your first floor. Home zoning solves this problem and your air conditioner cools the upper and lower floors separately.

Are any of these about your home and your household?

  • Some rooms in your house are too hot or too cold
  • Different family members are comfortable at different temperatures
  • Some rooms are used for special purposes – office or exercise room
  • Some rooms are seldom-used – formal dining room or guest bedroom
  • Some rooms have unique cooling and heating requirements – sunroom or bonus room

If you answered positively to these questions, then you need to speak to our general contractors in Las Vegas about how you can benefit from a home zoning and air balancing system.

What Is Home Zoning and Air Balancing?

Home zoning and air balancing in Las Vegas allow homeowners to set different temperatures in different rooms. You can send more heat or air to the rooms that need it and less to the rooms that don’t. It is the optimal way to get the most out of your HVAC system. You decide which rooms in your home require the most heating or cooling.

Do you prefer your living areas to be warmer and your sleeping areas to be cooler? You cook a lot and you want to keep the kitchen cooler than your living room and need balancing out the heat from the oven, stove, and other appliances? With home zoning and air balancing in Las Vegas, you have the freedom of setting the temperature in each room and customizing your home to make it feel the way you want it.

In other words, home zoning and air balancing are simply a way of dividing a home into areas with similar cooling and heating needs. You wouldn’t have just one light switch for your entire home. With home zoning, you have the same flexibility with your temperature as you do with your lighting – independently controlling different areas of your home according to occupancy and functionality.

Although some larger houses may have individual HVAC systems to condition air in particular zones – say, upstairs and downstairs – most of the time, a zoned system is a single HVAC system with ductwork distributing air to various zones throughout the house.

Home zoning and air balancing systems are controlled by thermostats in each area so that occupants can set the temperature as they please. The thermostats send messages to electronic dampers in the ductwork and conditioned air is distributed accordingly.


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Benefits of Home Zoning and Air Balancing

Our general contractors in Las Vegas are there to help you learn about the benefits of home zoning and air balancing. A home with balanced air delivery is more comfortable year-round and has low heating and cooling costs.

Many people compensate for uneven temperatures at the thermostat, which overheats or cools some parts of the home. Air balancing solves the problems associated with uneven air delivery. Also, some zoned systems offer remote controls as well as humidity and fan controls.

Let’s look at the specific benefits of investing in home zoning and air balancing systems.

Comfortable Home and Peaceful Household

All family members may not feel comfortable at the same temperature, and this is more so when they are in different rooms. One family member complains about being too hot and while the other might complain that it is too cold.

The same can be said for different rooms in your home. One room might need to stay cooler than the other. A home zoning and air balancing offer the flexibility to precisely control the temperature in different sections of your home.

You can divide your home and send temperature requests to different areas. Home zoning and air balancing increase comfort levels since occupants of different rooms can set temperatures independently to please their needs.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Saving of Home Zoning & Air Balancing

Not only is home zoning and air balancing affordable to install, but it also helps lower your energy bills. Think of all the money you put into heating and cooling your entire home, even the rooms that don’t need it. If you only had to heat or cool specific areas, you would be saving money on your electric bills.

Imagine how much energy you would be wasting if all the lights in your home were connected to a single switch, and you didn’t have the option to turn them on and off individually. It’s the same with your central heating and cooling system, where you don’t have the choice to regulate temperatures in different rooms of your home.

You can imagine the level of energy your system is wasting. Home zoning and air balancing help avoid all this wastage and save you up to 30% in energy costs. It also reduces the load on your HVAC system and increases its useful life. With home zoning, you can turn down the thermostat in certain spaces and turn it up in others. This helps reduce energy waste in rooms that aren’t occupied.

Home zoning and air balancing is your win-win situation – comfort and energy saving. You can make everyone in your family happy and save money on your utility costs by calling us for Las Vegas Home Zoning and Air Balancing.

Homeowners and businesses benefit from the highest quality at a transparent and reasonable cost, with no-surprise pricing or hidden fees. Call us today at (702) 518-4720 to benefit from the advantages of home zoning and air balancing.

How Home Zoning and Air Balancing Is Done?

If you have decided that you want more control over the temperature in your home and in each room, you should defiantly consider home zoning and air balancing in Las Vegas. You have the right to be comfortable in your home, and we can help make you that way. Our technicians are trained to safely transform your home to meet your needs and desires.

Not all rooms in your home need the same amount of air. Some may be larger or their exposure to sunlight makes them warmer. Ductwork design may not consider these individual differences. Other causes of air imbalances include ductwork leaks, obstructions inside the duct, or closed-off registers.

Our technicians will then inspect your HVAC system and test the volume of air through each register. They will also inspect for any leaks or obstructions inside the supply and return ducts. If problems exist, the technicians will fix them.

However, if there are inadequacies in them, the technician will perform one of the following air balancing procedures:

  • The increasing size of ducts leads to a room.
  • Adding more ducts and registers.
  • Installing dampers inside the ductwork to alter airflow.
  • Adjusting register louvers.

Each zone has a dedicated thermostat and an electronic damper. We connect all thermostats and dampers to the central controller.

This allows you to heat or cool different zones of your home at different temperatures. Dampers are placed in the ductwork and control circulation of conditioned air to different zones. Automatic zone dampers open and close based on that zone’s need for conditioned air. Home zoning and air balancing solve the problems associated with two-story homes, those with uneven ceiling plates, or with large windows in a room.

You can count on us to answer your questions, address your concerns, and handle all aspects of your home zoning and air balancing project. Let the HVAC technicians at Allstate Service Group assess your zoning requirements.

Our technicians will help you determine different areas of your house and the temperature requirements for each room. After installation and balancing, our technicians will advise on the proper use of your zoning system and help better understand what to expect from home zoning and air balancing.

You choose how your cooling system prioritizes your home and saves you money. Call us now at (702) 518-4720 to say goodbye to “too hot” or “too cold”.