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Las Vegas Home Lighting Installation, Replacement and Repair Services

A gorgeous new lighting fixture is one of the few things that can instantly transform a dreary space. If you need lighting installation as part of your home remodeling project, be sure you hire the correct contractor. A qualified electrician is required to wire and correctly install a light fixture, and it’s quite easy to identify when lighting has been placed carelessly by an unskilled professional.

Allstate Service Group can help homeowners in the Las Vegas, Nevada, region guarantee that their new light fixture is installed safely, accurately, and by the renovation’s aesthetic goals.

Why You Should Hire Our Contractors

Allstate Service Group’s full-time in-house electricians have the knowledge and resources to install all types of interior and outdoor lighting. Our fully licensed electrical, plumbing, and the gas firm can perform even large-scale jobs in a timely and efficient manner. Here are some samples of light fixtures that we may install as part of any interior or exterior remodel:

  • Chandeliers
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Can lights
  • Outdoor lighting
  • RGB lights

Also, Online Booking is Simple and Quick

By entering your entire postcode and filling out the work information in the given form, you can schedule your light installation appointment or any electrical service online in a matter of minutes. You’ll be able to check our current availability and rates in real-time, allowing you to pick a time that works best for you.


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Allstate Service Group offers the best home lighting Installation and repair services in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County, Boulder City, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Nellis AFB, Summerlin, Pahrump communities.

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How To Find Contractors Who Do Lighting Installation In Las Vegas?

Look no further if you need a team of electrical specialists to install new light fixtures in your house or workplace. For homes, we’ll give you the finest advice on where to put new lighting fixtures, and we’ll ensure that the project will be done correctly. Our team of contractors can also undertake commercial works such as lighting installation in an office or restaurant, assisting your company in achieving the dynamic environment that will elevate your business to the next level of sophistication.

What Are Our Indoor Lighting Installation Services?

Indoor lighting maintenance and light fixture installation are provided by Allstate Service Group. Our lighting installers are highly trained specialists who have worked on a wide range of lighting projects.

You can rely on our team for all of your light fixture installation and repair work since we have many years of electrical knowledge and a reputation for constantly providing exceptional customer service.

We repair and install the following indoor light fixtures:

  • Ceiling lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Bath vanity lighting
  • Wall lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Lighting for pool tables, rec rooms, etc.

What Are Our Outdoor Lighting Installation Services?

Outdoor lighting installation jobs may also be handled by Allstate Service Group. Our skilled landscape lighting installers will work directly with you to get the ideal results whether you want to add lights to your backyard, deck, or garden. From lamp posts to outdoor wall fixtures, our outdoor lighting professionals can repair your current landscape or outdoor lighting.

We install and maintain the following outdoor lighting fixtures:

  • Floodlights
  • Security lighting
  • Lamp posts
  • Outdoor wall fixtures
  • Post lights
  • Garden lighting
  • Outdoor ceiling fixtures
  • Landscape lighting
  • Pool lighting

Every lighting installation is approached from a practical and aesthetic stance. We take on projects of all sorts, from simple recessed lighting to whole yard makeovers that include new light fixture installation, integration with existing lighting systems, and more. Whatever the job, our friendly electricians will answer any questions or issues you may have during the process, ensuring your complete pleasure.

What is the Process of Lighting Repair?

Is your wiring in need of repair? Have your lighting fixtures taken a beating and now require some TLC? Allow us to assist you! We have the knowledge and experience to conduct electrical lighting repair operations safely and accurately. A sloppy lighting repair might result in recurring lighting instrument damage, or worse. Don’t put your house or business’s integrity in the hands of shoddy electrical work. Give us a call instead! We’re exactly the electrical experts you’re looking for.

What Can We Install, Replace, Repair, and Rewire?

Light fixture installation, socket replacement, and light circuit wiring are all tasks that certified electricians in Las Vegas are familiar with.

Lighting Installation and Repair Services in Las Vegas

How can Allstate Service Group’s team improve your home lighting?

How We Organize Lighting Fixture Repairs, Replacement, Fitting & Wiring?

Professional electricians can assist you with everything from attaining ambient lighting in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room through a skilled ceiling light fitting to replacing broken fixtures with new and modern lighting solutions.

This will optimize your wall accent lighting as well. You may also seek their help if you’re unclear about what to buy to satisfy your lighting requirements. If you’re looking for modest lighting choices for when you use your bathroom or kitchen late at night, there are a variety of under cabinet and vanity light styles to choose from.

You can have a variety of lighting items installed, fixed, or replaced, depending on the main purpose of the area and your unique requirements:

  • Wall sconces, track and recessed lighting, pendants and chandeliers, and wallcharts;
  • Floor lamps, desk lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and swing arm lighting are all examples of lighting.
  • Dresser lights, bathroom mirror lamps, and wall spotlights are all examples of lighting that may be used in the bathroom.
  • Installation of led lighting in the garden for security.

If you need light fixture installation or replacement, or illumination problems fixed such as a tripped breaker, a loose wire, a blown fuse rectified, or circuit route difficulties resolved, we can help.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you only need a few light bulbs replaced. The trained and competent electricians will serve you quickly and properly.

Light Bulb Installation Services

As easy as it may appear, replacing a damaged light bulb is not always simple, due to probable difficulties with the socket rather or the bulb itself, as previously discussed. As a result, whether you’re not sure how to change a light bulb or you’re tired of your home’s high-energy-consumption traditional lighting, take advantage of our light bulb installation services.

Our fantastic specialists can replace or install energy-saving (CFL), LED, or halogen light bulbs.

Fitting a Light Switch Services

Broken or aging light switches can cause illumination issues in your house. You may order our light switch wiring, replacement and repair services in Las Vegas to effectively and safely restore the appropriate working of your lighting system. We can install, rewire, and repair the following: dimmer switches, single-pole switches, 3-way and 4-way switches, plug-in light switches, and more.


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